Responsive Web Design

Web Design that is beautiful on all screen sizes

What we do

Fully custom design with a Mobile-First eye

Our goal is to design that wows on any screen and resolution. Whether your customer is on a desktop or their phone, your website will be easy to read and navigate, and look great too!

We do this by going page by page, element by element, and ensuring that each piece is responsive. Combining beautiful design elements with responsive best practices, you will love your website no matter what you viewing it on.

  • Percent of web traffic that was mobile in 2020 56.75% 56.75%

Responsive Web Design vs Mobile Template

Responsive web design is a critical consideration for any website. It’s a website design and development step used to make your website content easy to view and interact with on desktops and mobile devices like cell phones and tablets.

Since the mobile viewing grows more popular every year, it’s a good idea to start thinking about a responsive website design when it comes time to update or redo your website. Especially when you consider that in 2020, over 56% of web traffic was from a mobile device.

Prioritizing Your Website Traffic

Website and marketing analytics can reveal the percentage of users who access your site with mobile devices. If your website is not mobile optimized, then it’s time for a remodel!

It is no longer a choice whether or not a website should be designed for mobile viewing…it is imperative! In mid 2020 Google announced mobile first indexing – meaning (from Google)

“In mobile-first indexing, we will only get the information of your site from the mobile version, so make sure Googlebot can see the full content and all resources there.”

Don’t let your competitors leave you behind!

Responsive Web Design Basics

When responsive web design first came to the forefront of developers to-do list, they would often create two completely separate sites. One for desktop, and one for mobile. You would see similar to this: and This approach, while achieving the main goal, was time consuming and in the development world, time is money. If a change needed to be made, it then needed to be done on two websites.

One main advantage to one site instead of two is that it simplifies your business and saves you time from doing the same work twice. An experienced responsive website designer will take the complexity out of the building process. Responsive web design is a more bulletproof system that will prepare your site for the future.

Higher Website Visibility and Lead Conversions

Optimizing your website so that it can be accessed across all mobile platforms is becoming more important for lead conversions and higher website visibility. With Google’s Mobile first indexing, that equates to RANKINGS!

Many mobile sites are now showing up in search results, which can increase online visibility. Specifically, when mobile users search Google, the search engine may be more likely to serve them with relevant mobile sites in search results.

Another advantage to a responsive site is that is can lower your bounce rates. High bounce rates mean people are quickly exiting your site after visiting one page. If someone opens your non-responsive site on a mobile devise and can’t read it, they are going to leave, or bounce.